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Senior adults deserve to live with comfort and care.

We all want to thrive during our senior years, and planning for that can be challenging. As we age, even the healthiest among us will likely need some level of additional care. With so many options for senior living and levels of assistance, it can be stressful for you and your loved ones to make the right plan.

At Luther Park Community, we believe every senior adult deserves to feel safe and cared for while maintaining their independence for as long as possible. We help you make confident decisions and treat every resident as though they are family—because to us, they are.


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What to consider when choosing a senior living community.


“The truth is, I’m glad that I’m not taking care of a big house. I’m glad that I’m not shoveling snow and mowing grass. And I’m glad that I have neighbors that I can see every day, rather than being in a house by myself."

Rowena, Luther Park Community Independent Living resident

Schedule a tour today! Call 515-262-5639

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