Trinity Center

Spacious sunrooms, comfortable common areas, and inviting outdoor courtyards create the homelike environment of Trinity Center. Our welcoming nursing center offers three secure dementia areas as well as a general nursing care area. We proudly provide long-term care, short-term rehabilitation, and respite care. Trinity Center has been specializing in Alzheimer’s and dementia care since 1993, and an integral part of what makes Trinity Center so special is our highly trained, dedicated staff.

Providing Support

At Trinity Center we are dedicated to helping families manage the realities of dementia with as much love, dignity, and knowledge as possible.

  • Trinity Center hosts a monthly Alzheimer’s support group that is open to the public. This group is facilitated by our Licensed Social Worker, and is a place to listen and talk to others who are experiencing similar difficulties and feelings. To be placed on our invite list for the support group, please contact us at (515) 262-5639.
  • While we generally think of grief as a reaction to a death, there is also grief that comes from loss while someone is still living. Although their husband/wife may still be physically present, spouses grieve the psychological loss of the husband/wife as the partner they knew. The ambiguity and mixed feelings this stirs up are common and expected emotions, and our monthly spouse luncheon is a safe place to speak with others who truly understand your experience.
  • We educate families on strategies to best engage with their loved one, enabling them to have meaningful interactions even in the final stages of dementia.

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