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Benefits of learning more about Alzheimer’s

It is normal to be hesitant about or resistant to learning how the disease will progress and impact your life. But there are benefits:

  • You may experience a stronger connection to your emotions and identity.
  • Knowledge about Alzheimer’s can provide you the confidence to make important decisions about how you choose to live your life and plan for your future.

Educating yourself about Alzheimer’s also may help you to:

  • Come to terms with your diagnosis
  • Be an active participant in making your own legal, financial, and long-term care plans
  • Re-evaluate your priorities; set goals you would like to accomplish while you are still able
  • Share your diagnosis with others
  • Educate others about the disease and reduce stigma
  • Discuss available treatments and medications with your doctor
  • Recognize the symptoms of the disease so you can adapt to these changes and develop coping strategies
  • Build a care team that understands your current and future needs and wishes
  • Make a decision about participating in clinical trials

  • Take a more active role in managing your disease

There is an abundance of information available online and it may have been one of the first places you turned to after learning your diagnosis. To help ensure you get the most credible, reliable, and objective information, use well-respected websites.