Christian compassion

Luther Park Community grew out of an affiliation with the Lutheran church more than 100 years ago and Christian compassion remains an integral part of who we are. Our employees demonstrate compassion, respect, Christian kindness and concern for others. Non-denominational services are held daily and we employ a full-time chaplain to meet the spiritual needs of residents, families and employees.

Benefits of non-profit senior living

Luther Park Community has served central Iowa for decades and is a trusted provider of senior housing and services. Our focus is on quality care and serving those in need rather than returning a profit to shareholders. Board members volunteer their time and talent and represent the interests of the community. As an independent organization, we don’t answer to a corporate office and are flexible and innovative to serve residents of our community.

Aging in place

As a person begins to consider changes to living arrangements, it is important for them to anticipate and plan for the changes and what impact these changes will have on their lives. Luther Park Community allows residents to move from independent living to assisted living and nursing care as their needs changes. There is no buy-in fee and current residents are given priority when higher levels of care are needed. Couples needing different levels of care can each live in the most appropriate setting while enjoying the benefits of living in a single community.

Specialty in dementia care

In the 1990’s, leadership recognized a growing need for Alzheimer’s and dementia care. Consistently high occupancy rates are a reflection of the high demand for specialized dementia care. All employees participate in eight hours of annual training on dementia and are skilled at interacting with challenging situations. We strive to be the leading education and training resource for other organizations on treating and managing dementia patients.


Luther Park Apartments are priced below market rates and Section 8 housing vouchers for seniors accepted. Many amenities, such as transportation, utilities, DirectTV, maintenance and activities provided at no additional cost. In The Gardens, services are priced a la carte and residents select, and pay for, only the services they need.

Support for Families

We view family members as an important part of the care team. Guests may participate in holiday celebrations, special events, music and other entertainment programs. Family and friends frequently join us for meals and informally offer each other support and understanding. We host a monthly caregiver support group, a regularly scheduled spouse luncheon and frequent education programs. Most importantly, employees are ready to listen and support family members, one on one, as their loved one transitions through the aging process.